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Hello Youth Leaders! Your Journey in Model United Nations Academy starts here.
MUN Academy comes with 2 types of payment package; Single and Group. You can choose Single if you are registering alone (1 person). However, we do recommend you to choose the Group, because you can join the program together with your friends, up to 5 people and you will get a cheaper price per person.

Payment Deadline : 13rd March 2021


    You can invite your team to register together up to 5 people

    Price Price



Big Opportunities Are Just for You

Ultimate Values You Will Get From Model United Nations Academy!

Ultimate Values You Will Get From Model United Nations Academy!

Fun Learning About the Procedures Model United Nations.

More Entertainment Sessions and Bonding with International Delegates.

Intensive and exclusive committee session.

MUN 101 and Technical Meeting.

Informative Study Guide.

Certificate as a delegate of the International Conference.

Video recording of the committee session.

More than 50 QnA about Model United Nations.

Access to more than 60 videos of MUN introduction and preparation.

Become a member of the international community from more than 100 countries.

International networking and friendship.

Free access to 3 E-books and 3 Videos of “Mastering Your First Model United Nations”.

Intensive and exclusive committee session in each council.

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